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We work hard so that our clients can achieve all their business goals. We adopt a dynamic and innovative mindset approaching problems faced by our clients. 


United States (Los Angeles) Headquarters

As an accounting and tax consulting company in the Los Angeles area, we have grown very rapidly. We are committed to providing the most comprehensive and professional fiscal and taxation services for the e-commerce industry and cross-border business enterprises.


China (Guangzhou·Shenzhen) Office

At Aifan, we believe that every company can succeed. We are committed to providing excellent financial services, working with corporate managers to identify the root causes of hindering development, and providing practical solutions to help cross-border e-commerce find the most effective operation method, which will bring a brand new face.

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Contact Us



ShenZhen:+86 189 4872 6605


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Customer service


US Headquarters: 13920 City Center Dr# 235, Chino Hills, CA 91709

China Office: 2309, New World Center, 6009 Yitian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

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