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Exclusive Services For Cross-Border Businesses

We are committed to providing various financial services for your business expansion in North America: platform entry, corporate image planning, financial management consulting, mergers and acquisitions, corporate management consulting, fiscal and taxation compliance, etc.

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Our Services
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Our Services 


We help you navigate complex tax codes, proactively plan for the company’s taxes,  implement strategies to reduce taxes legally. We also assist you with identifying potential tax credits by guiding you and your businesses through transactions that might affect the tax positions, thereby resolving complicated tax issues and overseeing the financial aspect of your business. 


Readiness for year-end tax season, no hustle, no pain. Whether your business is a new start-up or a well-established firm, having an accurate and relevant financial statement is crucial in the decision-making process for shareholders, investors, and lenders. 

Business Consulting

We work with business owners and management to identify problems and tackle them with effective strategies. We help you grow business and save more with our in-depth industry insights and experience market. 

Wealth Planning

Our goal is to support your success at every step. IAN analyzes the projects, budgets, and finances of your business to improve its liquidity, growth, and profitability. We also perform financial diagnoses for you and offer effective solutions to your problems.

Our Process / How Does it Work?

Our Process / How Does it Work?

We value client experience and are committed to delivering the highest quality work

The process of working with us is as below:

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Initial Free Consultation


Delivery ofOur Proposal

Kickoff & Onboarding 

Implementation & Executive ongoing services 

( Planning)


The goal of this first meeting aims to gather facts, to obtain a detailed understanding of the business, and to determine the specific nature of the challenges.

Our proposal includes service scope, description, timeline, and account manager of the client.

Onboarding steps include gathering key financial documents, logins, records, meeting with key personnel, including members of the management and accounting teams, as well as reviewing company files, reports and tax returns. Our goal with this process is to come into the business, clearly identify the problems, outline the goals, define how those goals will be achieved, and delegate responsibility for the required activities amongst the crucial parties. 

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ShenZhen:+86 189 4872 6605


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US Headquarters: 13920 City Center Dr# 235, Chino Hills, CA 91709

China Office: 2309, New World Center, 6009 Yitian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

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