At IAN, our corporate financial experts will provide you with guidance on financial diagnosis and analysis, merger & acquisition, budgeting & forecasts, cashflow, valuation, and exit strategies. 

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​Financial Analysis

At IAN, we analyze the projects, budgets, and finance-related issues of your business, thereby finding opportunities to improve your business's liquidity, profitability, and growth. 

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Merger &


We leverage our knowledge of complex markets to bring industrial opportunities to your business, increasing shareholder values and identifying effective acquisition strategies. 

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​Budgeting & Forecasts

​We use effective and intelligent forecasting and budgeting methods to ensure that your  business meets its goals and leads to success. We help you understand what numbers mean and what actions you should take.

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​Knowing the real value of your business allows you to plan and make the correct decision, as well as identify shareholder stake values and receive information for better negotiation. We bring complex pieces of evaluations for you. 

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​Exit Strategies

​The end of a business is just as important as the beginning.


Good exit strategies help you generate retirement income, reduce tax impacts on estate, and create timely growth whilst that protects your future. 

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​Cash Flow

We use our analytical skills and business understanding to clarify positions of liquidity to give you the information needed to short-term financial obligations as well as help you understand how effective your prediction and planning tools are.